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Excel provides built-in access to a small set of Research services.I'm trying to create a calculated column (text) which contains a combination of 3 other columns.To see the Excel Research task in action, select Tools - Research from the menu.The Research task will appear to the right of the Excel window (see Figure 1).However, one of the most exciting ways to use Excel is to deal with up-to-the-minute information.For example, you might want to create a spreadsheet that takes into account the latest sales figures, stock prices, or currency exchange rates.If you want full control over your table style, you'd better duplicate a built-in style and modify and apply that style to your table. The code comments show you where Excel 2003 differs from 2013, 20. Let's start with finding all tables on the active worksheet: Sub Find All Tables On Sheet() Dim o Sh As Worksheet Dim o Lo As List Object Set o Sh = Active Sheet For Each o Lo In o Sh. Sub Selecting Part Of Table() Dim o Sh As Worksheet Set o Sh = Active Sheet '1: with the listobject With o Sh.

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If you ask me, I find it strange that the Workbook is a tablestyles' parent, whereas built-in table styles behave as if being bound to the Application object. Here is a couple of examples on how to achieve that. Select ' Select just the data of the entire table .

If no neighboring data exists, simple click any data point to have Excel automatically recognize the entire data set.

Look at all of the possibilites even if not listed directly under the problem: Menus at top grayed out (View, Insert, Format, Tools, Data)..., or Right-Click menus are grayed out (Insert..., Delete..., Format Cells..., Pick From List, Hyperlink...) Probably have sheet protection turned on which will turn off several options Make sure you are not in Edit mode by hitting Esc (Escape key), as edit mode will gray out a lot of menu options -- notably most Edit options (except cut & paste).

Will grayout Options under Toolbar; many options under Data and under Window.

Unprotect Workbook Single item in Insert Menu grayed out: Probably invalid, like inserting a pagebreak can insert only before a cell, a column, or a row -- not before each cell in column for instance.


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