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From origins in brewing and papermaking, through aircraft manufacture, the county has developed a wider range of industry in which pharmaceuticals, financial services and film-making are prominent.

Today, with a population slightly over 1 million, Hertfordshire services, industry and commerce dominate the economy, with fewer than 2000 people working in agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Some of that can be attributed to production from The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney (whom Branch also happens to be dating), a reinvention that, by her own website’s admission, seeks to establish Branch’s indie cred.

April 28 – We’ll feature songs by artists born in April.

Lelaina meets Michael Grates when she throws a cigarette into his convertible, causing him to crash into her car. He works at an MTV-like cable channel called "In Your Face" as an executive, and after learning about a documentary she's been working on, wants to get it aired on his network.

Lelaina's roommate Vickie has a series of one-night stands and short relationships with dozens of guys; her promiscuity leads her to confront a very-real risk of contracting HIV after a former fling tests positive for the virus.

K., Neil Halstead, and many others., out on the British independent label Invisible Hands Music June 16, is an especially ambitious effort, and Richards reveals the inspiration behind its (somewhat heavy-metal-sounding) title. There’s the existential crisis or existential angst, but basically as human beings we’re all existential beasts,” she muses.

“We’re still overcoming those animal urges and those lower frequencies, if you will, if you want to think of it as a spectrum of evolution. Why are we here and what are we doing and what is our role in all of this?


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