Prevent java 6 from updating

The below fix works in Java 7 u51, but is unconfirmed for other versions. HKCU\Software\App Data Low\Software\Java Soft\Deployment Properties 1. REG_SZ: deployment.expiration.check.enabled "false" EDIT: This previously (and mistakenly) said DWORD instead of REG_SZ.Summary: To stop the built in date expiration (which is typically the more difficult to stop) Put the following line in deployment.expiration.check.enabled.locked 1. Even with no internet connection, expiration can be flagged by a preconfigured date. Note, java ignores this file for this specific setting the first time it is run after this entry is entered. deployment.expiration.decision.suppression.locked 2. If receive cream bar at top of IE asking to run Java, add site to trusted sites 3. This article does not cover how to disable all update notifications, just the task tray notification that was common in 2012. If you can’t remove it, run it in a sandboxed environment and not your day-to-day system.

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If a customer updates the Java client before our corporate deployment finishes these settings will not stick.

--Alan-- Java has two different update check features.

One is the traditional method where it goes out and checks Oracle for updates. Beyond that date it will automatically tell you that your version is out of date even if the machine has never touched the internet.

Can anyone please let me know how to uncheck this option? Capture the registry keys (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Java Soft\Java Update\Policy) after unchecking "Check for Automatic Updates" from your source installation and merge it to your package. I wrote a custom action to write registry values at the end of the installation. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Java Soft\Java Update\Policy Enable Java Update = thru registry.

and even set values JAVAUPDATE=0, AUTOUPDATECHECK=0; IEXPLORER=0, SYSTRAY=0; JU=0; still its not able to disable UPDATE Tab Disable or disabling checkbox and also tried with CA str Computer = "." Set Std Out = WScript. \" &_ str Computer & "\root\default: Std Reg Prov") str Key Path = "SOFTWARE\Java Soft\Java Update\Policy" str Value Name = "Enable Auto Update Check" dw Value = 0 o Reg.


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