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Ask around before you set off and check our forum for announcements.A tricky time is always around Independence Day (September 1st).Lola Yoʻldosheva was born on September 4, 1985, in Tashkent to Ravshanbek Yoʻldoshev and Gulnara Yoʻldosheva.She has two younger sisters, Anora and Asal, and a younger brother, Rustam and Halid.The music video of the duet faced further criticism by some Uzbeks for having lesbian overtones.

This is the domain of perhaps Uzbekistan's most important artist, a figure who has been banned from traveling abroad because of his criticism of the regime. Many common painkillers, sleeping drugs and anxiety blockers are illegal in Uzbekistan.See the peculiarities chapter below to make sure you do not get arrested.Now, Shakespearean plotting within his own family is raising questions about who will succeed the 77-year-old leader.Vyacheslav Okhunov's secret artist's studio is located in a particularly rundown part of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan.Borders get (sort-of) closed and LOIs and visas may or may not be refused for the 2 weeks surrounding this holiday.


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