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Identical twins are a source of fascination to many people and account for around 1 in 500 births in Australia.

As we delve into the lives of three sets of identical twins, we discover one common thread — their bond for each other.

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The Paris-based insurance company plans to buy clean energy directly and compensate for electricity that isn’t from renewable sources.C., meets with a new client, there's one bit of information he wants to know first.It's not how much they have saved, and it's not when they want to retire."They both howled," Ms Davis said."They were looking for each other.Like a baby looks for Mum and Dad, they look for each other." Preston and Nash were delivered by emergency caesarean section in February last year — 10 weeks before their due date — and were rushed to Flinders Medical Centre neonatal unit for specialist care."I tell people that you need to plan to live longer than you think you're going to live," he says. And while that's good news overall, it also means that many of the assumptions Americans made about their own retirements are out of date.


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