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In 2015, it could be argued, It-dom has never been easier to engineer, or at least dissect.

Asher Roth Talks New LP ' Retro Hash,' Premieres ' Tangerine Girl' Song: Listen"My intention as an entertainer has always been to be part of something larger than myself," he says.

are some of my closest in the business."Asher Roth, ' Parties at the Disco' Feat.

At the heart of his many projects is Retrohash.com, which began as a platform to release his own independent music and videos but has grown to encompass more of his interests in entertainment and social issues with and he's currently working on a full length album slated for release next year.

“The timing of the email, [we were] nearing completion of the album, and the vibe.

It sounds and it feels like 'Retro Hash.'”"Retro Hash" offers the chance for Roth to step away from “I Love College” and allow fans to see more of him.


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