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Not all gamers go online to battle dragons and kill aliens, some just like to escape to another place where they can socialize with people they would probably never have the chance to meet in the real world.If that’s you, then we’ve got you covered with a list of the top virtual world MMOs for the social gamer. Players create their own avatar to explore this online virtual world, socializing in many locations that resemble real-life hook up points like cinemas, cafes, nightclubs, and resorts.Today we had our celebrations for our 4th Anniversary. We had a wonderful turn out of people from the grid and from other grids. We'll start off the list with a fan favorite: Migo Land. Both in games and active users, there are plenty that users will be able to choose from.

Reserve Your Space Now for the Littlefield Anniversary Expo! We would like EVERY Littlefield Resident to participate this year. You are one of the wonderful people who is the life blood of our community. Littlefield Grid 2nd Anniversary Expo April 4-30 It is easy to join in the celebration. The Expo opens April 4 so you’ve still got two weeks. Gallery – small building to display a collection of images and/or a few small objects. If you are a Littlefield resident you can simply help yourself. You can create an exhibit using photos, or even text.

Some of the most popular expo exhibits are just fun activities that give people a smile. Choose a theme, and create a “collage” that expresses your thoughts about it. Thank you for a wonderful second year, and here’s to an even more spectacular third year!

If you obtained some of your content from another grid, please be absolutely certain that you know exactly who the original artist was, and that the original artist gave permission for the item to be shared. We want to celebrate the best of what Littlefield is, and what it can be. If you have any questions, please ask Camryn Darkstone, Toy Mc Bride, Dirk Mathers or Walter Balazic.

The concept is simple; if you liked the experience then you can choose to save the character you made (which also saves any progress such as purchased items and coins earned).

Saving will require a registration - which you should do if you enjoyed it. Creating your own character is as simple as clicking on the wardrobe panel and selecting all the basic features from hair style to shoes.


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